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Out with the Old - In with the New

From this point on, I am no longer a member of the band, Tallhart.

I will always cherish the many memories and opportunities that I was blessed with and am so appreciative of all the support that was given to me and the band. 

Although my time in Tallhart has been brought to an unexpected and confusing end, my passion for music remains. I will continue my involvement with the band, Carrollhood, along with Nate Young and Tim McTague, and I will pursue other musical & artistic endeavors.

One may not always achieve their goals through the means or within the timeline that they had envisioned.

It is time for me to adapt and move forward.

-Reed Murray

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    Bummer, man! I’m sure you’ll be kickass...anything you do.
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    No lie, I drove a couple hours today and listened to Tallhart a lot, and thought about how great a drummer Reed is. I’m...
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